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Paid content: Christmas is the holiday of everyday life

Philosophy is the mathematics of language

Paid content: The cost of exile

Wood in danger

Capitalism put an end to systematic warfare

Paid content: The microcement project

Pronatalism is inherently groupish

Hell is other people - Why individualism shrinks the next generation

The Congo wars revisited

Paid content: The man on my mind

Anorexia was the gender dysphoria of yesterday

Paid content: Childbirth in Sweden - a trip report

Are modern children born too late?

After Woke

Why fertility inevitably sinks in successful market economies

Picky women are not the (sole) cause of the failures of the dating market

Paid content: How to ingest as much fruit as possible in as little time as possible?

The philosophy of Peter Turchin

Burying wood chips to solve the climate crisis

Paid content: The philosophy of keeping tomcats

Gender transitioning is great for the 1 percent

Men consume relationships. Women produce them.

My take on the Ukraine War

Paid content: A lawnmower called Sumo

Writing is the great primate equalizer - or should be

Paid content: It's no better over there

Mongols of North America

Making money from The price of a woman

The price of a woman

Paid content: Not according to plan

It was the end of the world as they knew it

Religion of today

Paid content: Male professional football shows we are gender equal

Is child murder the cause of greater female linguistic ability?

Paid content: Tidying up with Tove Kondo

Empty Spain

Paid content: Those new dieting drugs

Happiness is a reward from our ancestors

Paid content: How to succeed in gardening

A natural history of consent

Paid option launched

Why are women so bad at resisting rape?

Rape - a crime enabled by politeness

Good behavior causes teenage depression

Occitania - The country that never was

What is intelligence?

Confessions of an everyday apopheniac

Hands of gods

A question of Chinese graveyards

The bonobo exception

Fifty Shades of Apes

Middle income kingdom

The Paleolithic Ancestor Model Pageant

Happy anniversary Wood From Eden

Exploit the weakness of thy neighbor: A rational reason to dislike pornography

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Becky is depressed

The evolutionary causes of pregnancy nausea

Historical movie Friday

The tomboy manifesto

A short update on Russian demography

Unfortunately, I am the Unabomber

On the experience of being dirt-poorish, for people who want to be

Do you like your ideas? Then have children

Asteroid mining for fun and profit

A rational view of female modesty

Trial by a lying media

The history of Montaillou

Amish in space

Old tricks in NewSpace

Why do humans ever develop?

Violent enough to stand still

The origins of patriarchy

The life and works of the apefant

Games people play, public version

Dressed for success, gorilla and whore style

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