Some people have a mission in life; a job, a hobby, a religion. Something that they think of when they wake up and also when they go to bed. This type of dedication is usually very beneficial. Our society is highly specialized and anyone that really excels in one area will likely do good. No matter what kind of area this specialization concerns. 

We are not that lucky. Our specialty is versatility. We are jack of many trades and masters of none. We know how to graft a tree, operate an excavator and lay a brick wall. And also how to query a SQL database, to discuss Foucauldian subjectivity and how to read Arabic. But we do not excel in any of these fields. 

We live in the countryside of southern Scandinavia with our five children. We spend most of our time child rearing, house building and providing sustenance the old-fashioned way. We have also been writing for a long time. Over the last fourteen years we have written and published six non-fiction books in our native Swedish, none of them very successful.

We consider ourselves rationalists and our blog a part of the wider rationalist community. Sort of, at least: We share the rationalist ideals of logical and science-based thinking, but sometimes apply them to other areas than the average rationalist: Since we live a different kind of life compared to most rationalists, different things come to our minds. We hope that this different perspective could somehow benefit our readers.