Wood from Eden is a husband and wife team, consisting of Anders L (the husband) and Tove K (the wife). We live in the countryside of southern Sweden with our six children. We live as much as possible from our land: We build our own houses, grow our own vegetables and make our own glulam. Not because we are technophobes. We just think that technology should be carefully chosen in order to serve the human race. Instead of being engulfed by modern society, we strive at choosing the aspects of modern society that we think makes human life better.

In this respect, we write as we live: in the outskirts of civilization. Just as we try to pick and choose the best sides of civilization in our personal lives, we think it is possible for large groups of humans to pick the best parts of civilization and leave the rest behind. In line with rationalist tradition, we aim at an open discussion on what is possible, and desirable to achieve.

On our free and paid versions

Wood From Eden consists of a free part and a paid part. 

Every serious article, articles with some sort of public interest, are free to read for all. For the paid section we write more personal articles, texts (and photos) about how we live our life out in the woods. These are things we do not really wish to share with all the search engines, and as such are very well suited for a closed off paid publication. For those who are curious about our paid part but who can't afford a subscription, we do like most Substackers and offer access for free. Just write us an email and tell us who you are. Especially, we would appreciate it if other people who have a more-than-average number of children wrote to us for that reason, because it would be nice to share some experiences of having a big family. 

We are very grateful if our readers want to support our work financially. Still, most of the people who make Wood From Eden a great place to be will never do so. For that reason we are trying to make this place as welcoming as possible both to paying and non-paying readers.

Contact: woodfromeden@gmail.com

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Making glulam of the tree of knowledge.